Diamond Jackson is the Tightest Teacher in Town

Brilliant Scientist Struggles to Control Overactive Sex Drive

Ebony pornstar Diamond Jackson is truly insatiable. Her thoughts are constantly filled with sex. She compulsively seeks cock like a fiend lured by the purest dope. Wherever she is, whatever the situation, Diamond is prone to sudden, overwhelming cravings when triggered by the slightest arousal. Despite dozens of failed therapies and experimental drugs, once she gets aroused, she needs to have a big dick inside her – to feel it pounding her pussy, mouth, or ass, and preferably all three.

At first, this might not sound too bad – Diamond has no trouble finding men who gladly feed her addiction. Yet, her insatiable lust is a hazard for someone like Dr. Diamond Jackson, constantly threatening her academic career. As a respected scientist, Dr. Jackson conducts biology research and teaches graduate students at one of the nation’s top universities.

Today, she’s tutoring James, a promising young scientist. She’s trying to help this gifted student understand a challenging scientific concept. A fleeting glimpse of her attractive student as he stood up was all it took for things to dramatically change direction.

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She couldn’t help staring at his masculine figure, or settling her gaze on his prominent bulge. He noticed her stare, and her hand sliding up her toned thigh to disappear under her short dress. James heard her moan softly and realized his sexy teacher was pleasuring herself. This drove him wild, and his massive cock became engorged at once. Diamond’s jaw dropped as she saw the enormous erection trying to break through James’ pants. She pushed three delicate fingers deep inside herself and pumped her soaking wet pussy hard, knowing he would be much wider.

She removed his pants, driven wild by thoughts of having that big, hard dick inside her. The horny instructor lost what little self-control she had left when she saw the prize. His cock was at least nine inches long, and so thick she couldn’t grasp the whole shaft with one hand. It was hard as a rock and pulsating as she put her luscious lips on it. She stretched her lips and mouth wide to take the engorged head, then began to suck, lick and stroke the dick with talent and obvious pleasure. Once she had generously lubricated the enormous rod, Diamond Jackson relaxed her throat and proceeded to swallow its entire length.

She slowly fucked the cock with her tight throat, until James took over and gripped her pretty head with both hands. He slowly but firmly drove his massive tool deep down her throat. She seemed to take it well, so he increased the speed and force. Soon, he was pumping her compliant little throat as hard as he’d fucked some girls’ pussies.

James might not master his science lesson today, but he would thoroughly master Dr. Diamond Jackson’s tight pussy. He forced his wide cock deep inside his horny professor’s snatch, thoroughly stretching the walls of her dripping wet pussy. Then he began to really pound the tight hole. Renowned scientist Diamond Jackson came again and again with the loudest screaming James had ever heard. Realizing he had more work to do for this assignment, he mastered his teacher’s ass in exactly the same way, and she responded identically.

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